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Food Peeps Are Still Fascinated With Bone Broth, And Rightly So

I was ahead way of the game when the bone broth craze hit. But I wasn't crazy enough to go somewhere and pay $8, $10 or more for a cup of broth that I know how easy it is to make and that I know how to make myself.

I make a pretty mean chicken stock at least twice a week (I used to make a fantastic beef broth when I ate beef) using a good stock pot or better yet my slow cooker, great for making a nice big batch of broth overnight, just like Clinton Kelly told food peeps on The Chew. I use the bones from either a rotisserie chicken or from a chicken I roasted myself (sometimes in my slow cooker, delicious!), then I add onions (skins and all), parsley (stems and all), garlic, carrots and any other veggies or aromatics that I've saved from making dinner or kept in the freezer. I season how I like. Overnight my slow cooker works its magic, then I awaken to the most wonderful smell of all the collagen-rich gelatinous goodness I created, meaning my freezer will soon be full of plen…

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